Cement Additives
The STAREX range of performance-enhancing-grinding-aids is specifically useful for cement manufacturers with one of more of the following needs.
Enhance 1-day cement strength by 25-30% and 28-day strength by 5-8%.

Increase grinding mill output by 5-10%

Increase cement extender (such as fly ash and slag) consumption by 4-7%

Reduce clinker consumption

Reduce power consumption in the grinding stage

Reduce Carbon Dioxide emission

We have worked extensively with the cement manufacturers in India. Since the above products find application at the grinding stage of cement production, all kinds of manufacturers including large integrated plants, grinding units, mini cement plants, etc. have realized benefits in deploying our products and solutions.

If you are a cement plant manager, looking for one or more of the above benefits, please contact us. We will help you in establishing benefits of using our products.
The page case studies illustrates how different cement plants have benefited by reduction in cost of cement production after deploying STAREX.