Concrete Admixtures
We cater to a range of players in concrete and concrete product manufacturing industry such as Ready Mix Concrete manufacturers, Pre-Fabrication and Pre-Cast units, construction and infrastructure companies, concrete product manufacturers, etc. Our product portfolio for this sector includes accelerators, plasticizers, super plasticizers, etc.
STAREX 500 is a powdered-form admixture that was developed specifically for the sector of the concrete industry that requires high strengths at early ages.

Increased early and long-term compressive strengths for production of better quality c-
oncrete (25-30% at 1-day, 15-20% at 3-day,10% at 7-day and 5-7% at 28-day strength)

Reduced cement consumption in concrete by 5-10% through replacement with reactive
additions such as pozzolans - blast furnace slag and fly ash or with fillers such as lime -

Increased workability (flow) of cement mortars and concretes

Increased cement flow-ability and reduced pack set or "silo set" of cements resulting in
lower handling costs and reduced waste

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Generic Admixtures
Sulphonated Naphthalene Formaldehyde Polymer (SNF)

SNF acts as a superplasticizer by neutralizing the surface charges on the cement particles and enhancing water tied up in the cement agglomerations and thereafter reducing the viscosity of the concrete paste. It promotes dispersing of cement particles and reduces water demand.
Carboxylic Acid Copolymer

This product acts as water reduction type superplasticizer that offers high fluidity and workability to concrete mixes.
Sodium Silicate

Sodium Silicate is used in cement and concrete applications. Liquid silicates are used extensively as penetrating concrete sealers. The silica reacts with free calcium in the concrete and forms calcium silicate hydrate. This helps to make the concrete surface more abrasion-resistant, more chemically resistant, harder and less permeable.
As a cement admixture, liquid or powdered silicates are added to cements to accelerate the set. Liquid silicates used in shotcreting or gunning provide immediate set.
It is also used in oil well cements that have a relatively high water content, Sodium silicate can be added to help prevent segregation of the solids from the water.