Other Products
The product is a grinding-aid for ferrite Industries that requires improved mill performance. The product is a highly ionized salt of an organic base, the resulting electrostatic attraction between broken particles in the mill system is reduced or removed.
Sodium Silicate
Sodium Silicate finds its use in many areas like foundry, soap industries, water treatment, glass etc. We are offering this product for concrete and mineral processing industries. We also offer complete solutions of sourcing, handling, processing of sodium silicate at clients' premises for mineral processing industries (as per client's required specification).
Processed Fly Ash

Fly ash can replace a portion of portland cement in concrete while giving high performance in terms of strength and durability. Processed and classified fly ash offers reliability and consistency to users at the time of mixing with cement in concrete.
Densified Silica Fumes

Silica fume produces high performance and high strength concrete when added to pre-cast and RMC applications. Dry and densified form of silica fumes turns out to be the most economical form in terms of transportation and handling costs.

GGBS is made out of slag, a by-product of blast furnaces used to process iron-ore. Slag, after granulation and grinding, turns into GGBS, which is used as a cement extender in concrete mixes, offering improved workability and durability to resultant concrete.