Technical Support
Assistance in process optimization and modification
Our team of knowledgeable, experienced technocrats works closely with production and quality control department of our clients to help them fine-tune process parameters to bring down cost of production while improving the quality of the finished product.
We help cement plants in optimizing the parameters of the grinding circuit of cement mill with the usage of STAREX. We strive to work with the marketing and production teams of cement companies to help them improve their market share and brand image by orienting their products in line with market specifications/ demands.
We also help mineral processing industries to select right kind of processing chemicals (like dispersant) for process improvement and offer services like total handling and processing solutions for some key specialty chemicals which are difficult to handle.
Assistance in selecting right equipments
In addition to sourcing the chemical products, we also help our clients in sourcing specific equipment to deploy these products in their existing manufacturing plant
Our network of vendors include material handling system manufacturers that fabricate dispenser (fully automatic and semi automatic ones) for the STAREX range of products as well as manufacture other customized systems for the specific needs of our clients.