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Cement Grinding
Aids Provider

Trusted by top cement companies for efficient and high-impact performance enhancers and grinding aids

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Powering Innovations &
Sustainable Growth

Leveraging in-depth domain & technology know-how, our Research Centre near New Delhi develops bespoke formulations catering to precise requirements of cement producers.

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And Sustainable Cement

Helping make leaner and greener cements through reduced clinker factor
(by 3-10%) and lower specific power consumption (by 2-4 KWH/ton of cement).

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About Unisol

UNISOL is a leading supplier of grinding aids and application-driven chemical additives used in cement manufacturing. Leveraging our extensive research and domain expertise, we design and deploy chemical additives that help cement producers to:

  • Reduce cost of production
  • Improve cement quality and realizations
  • Reduce carbon footprint (through reduced clinker and specific power consumption)

Supplying to an ever-expanding customer base that currently stands at an installed capacity of >30 Million Tons of cement production and with activities in >10 countries, we are one of the fastest growing players in this space.

Our product range includes bespoke formulations targeted at increased cement and raw mill throughput, reduced clinker factor, increased cement quality and strengths, special application premium cements, water repellent additives, etc.

Unisol : Facts & Figures


Tons of CO2 emissions
reduced every month


Tons of installed Annual Cement
Production Capacity Being Serviced


Countries where we
are active


Trials being
conducted every year

Our Trident Framework

Optimized Design, Delivery and Deployment of Grinding Aids.

Full Spectrum of Solutions

For a wide range of applications in cement manufacturing

Higher Cement Strength

2-5 MPa increase in compressive strengths at various ages is possible using the right chemical additives

Increased Mill Throughput

Upto 15% increase in mill output, with a corresponding reduction in specific power consumption can be delivered

Reduced Clinker Factor

Clinker factor reduction with corresponding increase in usage of cheaper ingredients like fly ash, pond ash, slag, etc

Special Cements

We can help in manufacture of water repellent cements & Other special application cements

Cheaper Gypsums

Our additives, combined with treatment of gypsum, allow 100% replacement of mineral gypsum with phospho gypsum

Raw mill grinding aids

Increased mill throughput and reduction in sp. Power consumption & Possible reduction in free lime

Research Fueling Innovation

Constantly innovating by testing and working around new age chemicals, molecules, and advanced formulations

Our Growth Partners

Active In

India | UAE | Greece | Egypt | Russia | Spain | Mexico | Saudi Arabia | Qatar | Bahrain